Is it possible to lacquer over the stickers with nitrocellulose lacquer?
--Sure! Some Luthiers have done just that.

How does the sticker react to oils like orange and lemon ?
--The oils can be used after applying the sticker.
If you used a oil to clean a fingerboard, Please dry it naturally for a couple of weeks and after that apply the stickers on a fingerboard.

Do i need to unstring my guitar to apply this?
--Usually, I've loosen the strings and pull the strings out of nut. Next scoot 1st,2nd,3rd strings over to right and 4th,5th 6th strings over to left side.And then I install inlaysteker to fretboard.
When I change old strings for new strings I install it.

Will this sticker rub off through bending of the guitar strings ?
--It is so thin! They will not get caught by your fingers while playing!

How do I pay for these in order to combine shipping?
--It is available combine with multiple items.

What kind of material is PET?
--PET: Polyethylene terephthalate (aka PET, PETE or the obsolete PETP or PET-P)

How do I peel away Inlay-sticker?
--You can peel it away easily, because the Inlaystickers are removable type. Carefully peel it away from the edge.

Can I put it on my car? waterproofed?
--Yes, you can. Our stickers are waterproof.

How quickly do we process your order?
--Fast. Generally orders received before 2 PM(JP TIME) are processed / shipped next business day.
Orders received on weekends or holidays are shipped next business day.

How long does shipping take?
Standard Airmail or Registered post : Estimate Delivery Time:7-10 business days.
EMS Shipping : Estimated Delivery Date : 4-7 business days

Transportation times for international shipments can vary based on country, season, weather, local customs processing, and other factors.
Typical transit times for Registered Post (airmail) shipments are 5 - 10 business days most other countries.
I guarantee that your order will arrive within 2 weeks (14 business days) from the day I ship it to you, But the guarantee has been changed for 3 weeks(21 buisiness days) only for this year 2012. Because this year to strengthen the customs of countries around the world for the Olympic year.

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