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Thanks for your interest in Inlaysticker_JOCKOMO.
Anyone can enjoy it! From a beginner to luthier! You can modify your guitar easily.

I produced "InlayStickers" from my experience as a guitarist.
My story begins back in 2003 when I was asked to perform for a special event on an Electric Nylon-String Guitar. It had no position markers and it is difficult for me to play accurately without them. 
So, I bought stickers that were sold in a stationery shop and applied them to the finger board. However, they were too thick and got caught on my fingers. I searched but no super-thin sticker like I wanted was available at the time, anywhere. I thought I'd  use some of my experience and could make them myself. I also wondered if it would be possible to have them LOOK like genuine inlay. This idea triggered the eventual production of all my "Inlay Stickers". Through various trials and testing with a factory that deals with the PET material, success was finally achieved.
Inlay Stickers Material is PET
Thickness is 0.07mm.

Inlay Sticker for Guitar and Bass, Ukulele more...
Applied properly, they will not get caught under your fingers while playing.
No adhesive is left behind if you peel off the sticker. 
It's possible to use such as Finger Ease Splay or Lemon Oil.

About the colors:
I print various "Mother of Pearl" or Shell types of designs: Yellows, Reds and Greens. On a base of White Silver, I'm making use of a natural shine, which allows it to simulate and imitate actual inlay.

Today, through development, we can now offer BP=Black Pearl or WS=White Pearl, AG=Abalone Greens, AB=Abalone Blues, AP=Abalone Purple, AR=Abalone Reds, Ocher and other various color tones.
I believe it is the best type available, but if you can find better, let me know. I always strive to improve our product quality & variety.

You can contact us at:
Inlaysticker_JOCKOMO or by e-mai at jockomo@inlaysticker.com
・Please include your name within your message.
・If you are asking about an existing order, please include the order number if you know it.  
Telephone numbers 81-72-281-8308....International Service (Monday-Friday 10-5 JPN Time) 

We are located at:
#205 Linfeltz-Fukai 3232-1
ZIP 599-8236

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