Oval Crowns - Fret Markers for Bass

  • Material: PET(Polyethylene Terephthalate)
  • Easy to apply & remove
  • Includes two different type of stickers for double dots on 12th & 24 frets
  • They will not get caught by your fingers while playing
  • No adhesive will be left behind after you peel off the stickers
  • The existing dot-markers can be covered by the stickers
  • Super-thin! 0.07mm
    1. Both edges of the sticker for 12th fret is woodgrain designed (as shown in the picture below)
    2. They can be be used for 40mm width of two dots

    Woodgrain ovall dot stickers for double dots for 24th are also included.

    You can dress-up your guitar & ukulele very easily.
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