Is it possible to apply nitrocellulose or clear lacquer over the stickers?
-- Yes, it is. There's absolutely no problem with over-coating the stickers using clear lacquers.

How does the sticker react to oils like orange and lemon oils?
-- The oils also can applied over the sticker.

Please note:
If you use an oil to clean the fingerboard, PLEASE dry it naturally for a couple of weeks before you apply the stickers on.

Do I need to unstring my guitar before applying stickers?
-- Many people just loosen the strings and pull them on both sides and then install the stickers so you don't have to.

Will the stickers come off through bending the guitar strings?
-- No, they won't. The stickers are super-thin only 0.07mm thickness, hence they will not get caught by fingers while playing.

What is the material inlay stickers are made of?
-- PET (Polyethylene terephthalate)
(aka PET, PETE, the obsolete PETP or PET-P)

How do I peel off inlay stickers?
-- Inlay Stickers are removal so you can peel them off easily in the same way as usual decals. Please carefully peel them away from the edge.

It'd be better if you can warm up the stickers with a heated cloth first.
If there're still a few spot where the glue remain after you striped them off, please use Olive Oil to remove those completly.

Can I put them on my car or motorcycle?
-- Yes, you can. The stickers are waterproof.

How long will the stickers stay on?
-- They won’t come off that easily but we can’t guarantee how long they will stay on as some last for years but some don’t.
It all depends on the condition of the surfaces, your playing stile, the strings you use and etc.

Is it possible to buy a blank sheet so I can make my own custom stickers?
-- Unfortunately, we don't sell them by sheet since our factory makes the stickers in a very specific way.
They're doing two operations (printing&cutting) at the same time, therefore they can't make them sheet by sheet.