Binding Sticker/Decal (Woody-Herringbone)

  • Removable & Curvable
  • Material: Vinyl (PVC)
  • Available in 3 sizes below.

1/8 in(about 3mm)
②5/32 in(around 4mm)
0.2 in(around 5mm) 

Note: Rosette stickers in the above picture "Ukulele Rosette (Woody-Herringbone)" are not included to the item.

This product is available with joints of bindings by various ways.
When two binding pieces meet end-to-end, there are a few styles of joint you can use.

  • Butt joints are a simple meeting of one square end against another. I recommended this way.
  • Over-Lap joints are easier. Moderate length of overlap is about 2 cm.
  • Scarf joints are angled mating surfaces, and can be a good way to hide a joint.
    And it can be angled across either the top or the side of the binding strip.

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    You can dress-up your guitar & ukulele very easily.
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