Custom-Made 12th Fret Marker For 5strings-BASS



Custom-Made 12th Fret Marker For 5 strings-BASS

Upgrade Your Bass(s) With a Custom 12th Fret Marker Inlaysticker !!! 

Material: PET
SIZE: 54mm(2 1/8")W / 15mm(0.6")H

Please choose a color & a font style what you want printing from pull down menu.
Choose 1 of the 8 type styles available: A to H.
Choose 1 of the 7 type colors available: AWP,WS,AB,AG,AR,OC,Metallic.

Please write Letters or Words what you want printing.

If you could not find out it, please contact us .

Please note:
Please allow 5 to 7 business days from the time of your purchase for Printing and shipping of your new custom made Personalized item.
Understand that there is a spacial limit to the length of your personalized Printing. We will alert you if what you request is too long. We will endeavor to accommodate you in the best way possible. We only require that your order be kept to a reasonable minimum word-length. Thank You